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I’m so grateful to all my readers who are excited and eager for AKON’s release date. Some of you may know that I’d planned on a Spring ’19 release, but due to health problems I was forced to slow down. I’ve been dealing with severe exhaustion and I’ve only recently learned that it wasn’t as simple as an under-active thyroid. Thankfully, it’s all treatable, but discovering what was wrong has taken months.
But even though I’ve lost a lot of editing time, AKON is actually ‘finished’ and has been seen by a few beta readers. Now, it’s just about getting it up to a standard that I’m happy with. As of right now, I’m anticipating a late summer release. However, that is not set in stone. It may take until the autumn. To be honest, I hate this—it really sucks. I wish I could predict what my health will look like in coming weeks/months, but I can’t. All I can leave you with is this:
I won’t give up. I am getting better, slowly. And AKON is on its way.
Thank you to everyone for your patience and well wishes.
* Nova *