About S.B.Nova

Sara Nova was born in the south of England, but grew up in the wilds of the north, where she was home educated and developed a passion for books.

Her first memory was of staring at squiggles on a page, and believing that to understand them must be a form of magic. Then, when she was eleven, she was introduced to the realm of fantasy, through the big screen and through her beloved books. From then on she was hooked and started to invent stories before she would go to sleep every night.

Skip forward twelve years and she graduated from Warwick University with a BA in Film & T.V and an MsC in Project & Program Management. Her intention was to find a home among the crews of film & T.V sets. But life had other ideas, and she found she needed to act as a carer for a family member.

Life slowed down and she found time to read again. Then, Nova remembered those characters she had promised to one-day give a voice. At a crossroads, she made the choice to listen and started writing the Southern Fire series.

This culminated in her first novel, Draken. A story inspired by the magic she had believed in, and the characters she had lived with for years. All brought to life by a twist of fate and her love of writing.

A Kingdom of Exiles soon followed and with it the start of the Outcast series.

Nova still lives in the Northlands with her wizard cat Roo. She spends most of her time reading, writing and drinking too much caffeine.

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