The world (Aldar)



The Crescent Court

Capital: Lumen.

Ruler: Morgan, the High Witch.

Population: 35,000.

Magical Associations: Crafting magical weapons, healing, moonlight, weatherspinning and the art of war.

Climate: Cold and dry.

Geography: Ice tundra’s, lakes and canyons and moorlands.

Culture: Varies from clan to clan.

The Healers – Followers of Rialla and Aquilla. Briar and Juna. Water and Earth.
The Warriors – Followers of Mytar and Zola. Fire and Earth.
The Crafting clans – Followers of Hercule and TheĆ”. Air and Fire.
The Priestesses – Followers of Freyta, Nyx and Desmi. Moon and Air.


Aurora Court

Capital: Mysaya.

Ruler: Queen or ‘Empress’ Morgan.

Population: 100,000.

Culture: Highland & Woodland Fae Culture. Tribal communities, oral traditions.

Magical Associations: Starlight and waterlight magic.

Climate: Cold and dry in the west, but gets milder and wetter in the east.

Geography: Mountainous, forests and lakes.



Solar Court

Capital: Alexandria.

Ruler: Queen or ‘Empress’ Morgan.

Population: 85,000.

Culture: Nomad Fae Culture in the Sighing Plains and in the mountains. In Alexandria and the surrounding palaces, the culture is more refined and elitist.

Magical Associations: Sunlight magic.

Climate: Dry and arid in the east, but gets milder and wetter in the east.

Geography: Deserts, tundras and grasslands.



Riverlands Court

Capital: Kastella.

Ruler: Queen Diana.

Population: 48,000.

Culture: Fae tend to live in small towns and villages. Witches keep to themselves in the swamps. The north is largely deserted due to its sprite population.

Magical Associations: Waterlight magic.

Climate: Mild and wet.

Geography: Rivers, swamps and forests.